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Eyesy 100% Organic & All-natural Eye Makeup Remover Sustainable

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The best seller | 4.2 fl. oz. - 125 ml - Travel size | 1.7 fl. oz. - 50 ml

Eyesy 100% Organic & All-natural Eye Makeup Remover Sustainable instantly removes waterproof and regular Eye Make-up for all you sensitive-eyed guys and gals.

It's also hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, and non-irritating. Made with natural ingredients like chamomile flower extract, carrot seed oil, Vitamin E, it removes all types of make up without leaving a greasy residue behind and provides moisture to help fight wrinkles. 

How to Use:

Just add a small amount to a reusable pad and let it rest on your eyes for 10 seconds or so... enjoy the cooling and soothing sensation and start gently removing your eye make up. Be gentle to yourself and your eyes. Don't rush!

You will feel clean and refreshed without the 'dried out' feel after! 

Pro-tip... add a dab of our Eye Make up remover to a Q-Tip to correct Make up applications.